I create AR filters on Instagram and Facebook for progressive international brands, magazines and artists. 

The development process of an AR effect takes around two weeks. 

This includes a consultation where we discuss the goal of the effect and discuss our ideas based on existing user experiences. 

It is followed by a storyboard explaining the functions of the filter.

After receiving or creating the audiovisual elements, we program the animations and develop interactions. 

The effect gets to a testing phase, then gets published. 

Professional statistics on the filters get updated every day, providing impressions, captures, and the number of shares. 

Recent clients:

  • Tesco Hungary
  • Fritz Kalkbrenner
  • VibePay UK
  • Principality Building Society
  • Plant-Based News
  • Autre Magazine
  • Makeupbrutalism
  • Mochi Shoes India



I was approached by Morpho Communications to help with creating an interactive AR installation for Tesco Hungary at the 2020 HVG Job Fair.

One of the main aims of Tesco is to raise awareness of saving imperfect fruits and vegetables from ending up in the trash. So we created a game where you need to collect these kinds of items for points. The idea of cooperation was also important, so the game only works with two players. Both of them need to move their heads together to save the falling elements.

As a gift, each player could choose from three QR-code stickers, each of them containing a link to different custom Instagram selfie filters promoting the awareness-raising actions of Tesco in a fun way.


VibePay is a social payment initation service that lets you request money from friends and get paid back.

They needed a fresh approach for their weekly #vibepayfriday Instagram contest, which is about giving away money for some lucky contestants.

We created a filter, which is about money raining around the user while incorporating the VibePay logo in a fun form. Competitors needed to use this effect in a quirky way, post their photos/videos, and tag @vibepay on Instagram to have the chance to win some cash transferred to their VibePay account.


Fritz Kalkbrenner is a well-known German DJ and music producer. In 2008, with his brother Paul, they composed the track "Sky & Sand" for the legendary movie "Berlin Calling."

For his latest album launch campaign "True Colours," we were commissioned by Visual Vitamin to create an Instagram effect that reflects the same raindrops aesthetics as the album cover and the rest of the promotional material.


Autre is a print and digital magazine based in Los Angeles that covers global art, fashion, and culture.

As a collaboradon, we created an interacdve filter, based on the theme of their 2020 Spring/Summer issue dtled Edge of Chaos.

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